My skin is awesome y’all

I don’t say this out of vanity. I mean, yes, I do. BUT THE IMPORTANT PART is that my skin is not naturally so smooth and soft. It’s real mission in life is to be blotchy and red and full of pimples. Basically since I was a pre-teen I don’t remember a single day when I didn’t have at least two pimples on my face. I never had really horrible huge breakouts (touch wood) but I also never had clear skin. I tried Proactiv, I did the Clarisonic thing, every drugstore brand and even some fancy Sephora stuff.

Finally I got introduced to Korean and Japanese skincare. It is a black hole of miraculous beauty and it has turned my face around. People actually compliment me on my complexion now. Like, what? Holy shit. Yeah. Thanks stranger.  

I do a 6ish step regimen twice a day. It’s a commitment y’all. But it is worth it. and most Korean and Japanese products are super reasonably priced, especially when you’re thrifty like me and order everything from Amazon.

Step one is considered by many experts (currently writing this post) to be the most important step in your skincare routine. It is the OIL CLEANSER. OIL CLEANSER IS MY SKIN JESUS. Because, ya know, it like, saves my skin on the daily. Because how are you gonna cleanse your pores with some facewash if it’s still covered in gross makeup? My personal Jesus (everyone’s got their own version, right? Is that how it works?) is DHC Deep Cleansing Oil. It is the international number one best selling makeup remover on Amazon. It is incredibly easy to use. It is under $25. Done and motherfucking done.

My dog wants to eat it. That’s how you know it’s good. I do this step only at night, and only use one pump of product. Just pull your hair back off your nasty melted mascara face, warm up the oil in your DRY HANDS and rub it all over your DRY FACE. Even if you have on a lot of makeup, you don’t need more oil, just more patience as you gently rub it on your eyelids, eyelashes, lips, etc. When you feel like everything is dissolved, rinse with water and move on to the next step!

I’m pretty much married to the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil but there are other oils on the market that have reached similar levels of popularity. The Banila Co Clean It Zero line is well known for being incredibly gentle and effective, as well as this one from The Face Shop.

So go clean up you filthy animal.

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