Confirm your worst fears

South Korea will now allow you to check on your boyfriend’s criminal record! The Korea Herald says…

“South Korean police announced Sunday plans to introduce legislation that would allow Koreans to browse their romantic partners’ criminal history, after discovering nearly 60 percent of Korean date abuse offenders arrested last month had previous convictions.”

I have very complicated feelings about this! It’s great for people to know what they’re dealing with (especially women), but if you even SUSPECT that the person you’re dating might have a violent history, that’s a red flag in and of itself, no? What if you go all stalker on them, check their background, and come up with nothing? “Whew, that was close, well he seems a bit creepy but he’s never been convicted…. so it’s probs fine.”

It’s probs not fine. It’s probs some real sketchy shit. Get out gurl.

I guess kudos to the government for making a PR move, I mean, making an effort to protect people from assault?

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