For the Lazy Korean Indie Fan

If you know anything about me, you know I’m kind of (read: super) lazy. I don’t like doing things. I like not doing things. My boyfriend rolls his eyes at me when I explain that it takes a week for me to work up the energy to make a doctor’s appointment (I’ve been out of contacts for almost two months). One thing I do like is music! Korean music! Korean INDIE music!

I used to really keep up with it all. These days the only thing that keeps me up to date are my wonderful Hongdae friends, who will sometimes tell me directly if there’s something cool to check out, and Shawn Despres’ weekly radio show Sounds From The Korean Underground. Shawn lived and worked in Seoul for many years and even though he’s now relocated back to his home in Canada, he is still super tuned in to all the great music coming out of the indie scene in Korea. Also, he’s Canadian. So he’s very polite and he talks funny.

An hour long show is great for me, I listen to it once a week as I’m getting ready, laying around the house, on the train, whatever. It’s super manageable and afterwards I feel a little bit closer to actually being the cool artsy person I pretend to be.

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