BuzzFeed’s guide on how not to use Korean skincare

This video was so cringeworthy because they don’t apply he masks properly! Buzzfeed should’ve had someone on hand to show them how to do it! Half of a product’s efficacy is in how it’s applied! I have used many a sheet mask in my life and let me tell you that is not how it’s done.

I did enjoy how all he participants, while seemingly horrified during the process, reacted pretty favorably after everything was said and done. Resistance is futile!

My skin is awesome y’all

I don’t say this out of vanity. I mean, yes, I do. BUT THE IMPORTANT PART is that my skin is not naturally so smooth and soft. It’s real mission in life is to be blotchy and red and full of pimples. Basically since I was a pre-teen I don’t remember a single day when I didn’t have at least two pimples on my face. I never had really horrible huge breakouts (touch wood) but I also never had clear skin. I tried Proactiv, I did the Clarisonic thing, every drugstore brand and even some fancy Sephora stuff.

Finally I got introduced to Korean and Japanese skincare. It is a black hole of miraculous beauty and it has turned my face around. People actually compliment me on my complexion now. Like, what? Holy shit. Yeah. Thanks stranger.   Continue reading