Yeah I’ll be at SXSW

I wasn’t going to go. I moved out of the country recently. But by some coincidental fuck up I’m back in Texas for awhile so I guess yes, I will attend SXSW 2016 in Austin. And I’ll see all the Koreans. All of them.

Here’s a playlist that the K-Pop Night Out people put together to help you figure out who the hell everyone is.

Ok Bollywood. Nice try.

Here’s the trailer for the latest John Abraham flick.

IT IS NEARLY SHOT FOR SHOT THE SAME AS 아저씨 (The Man From Nowhere). I love Bollywood but I have NO PATIENCE for these lame remakes. John Abraham is an okay actor, and (most importantly) very handsome with a slammin’ bod. He is not, however, Won Bin. The trailer doesn’t even attempt to be honest and say it’s based on another film, and OF COURSE it’s guaranteed to be shittier than the original. Surely there’s an entire extra subplot where we see his backstory and the love interest who probs got murdered by the same guy who’s now trying to harvest the little girl’s organs. Because it’s Bollywood so things have to be AS COMPLICATED AS POSSIBLE. Gimme some Karan Johar movies! At least they’re somewhat original!!

A moment of silence please, for that child actor being forced to wear such a heinous wig.

If you haven’t seen 아저씨 you should get to it on Netflix. Won Bin is flawless.

If only I had the focus

My friend Arnold over at Is This How You K-Pop is so great. He is handsome as fuck, really sweet, incredibly smart, and a much better writer than I am. I suppose I could’ve been a great talent, but I don’t have the patience for the mega posts that he does. Call it ADD or laziness.

He compiled his fifty favorite Korean songs of 2015 and for that I am jealous. I don’t think I even had the commitment to listen to 50 good Korean songs last year. Anyway, I’ve been spending the first part of 2016 getting acquainted with all the music I missed in 2015, and you should do the same. Luckily for the both of us, Arnold has exceptional taste.

Click ze photo for part one.

2016.03.03 arnold top songs 2015

And click this sentence for part two.

Greenplugged 2016

I went to Greenplugged last year and it was way fun. In fact, I sang backup for a friend’s band. Everyone in the audience was very confused as to why a white girl was on stage.

I'm the blonde one.

I’m the blonde one.

A bunch of friends were there to do some ooh’s and aah’s; and we jumped around and had a great time! Thanks Goonam for finding a way to get me in FO FREE!

So Greenplugged is a big ACL-ish festival that goes on for two days and usually has a super legit lineup. The park where it is held is ENORMOUS and you have to walk about 10-15 minutes to get from one stage to the next. This is admittedly pretty annoying, because you end up missing chunks of sets. But there’s no cross-contamination of sound so I suppose it’s not so bad. This year’s lineup looks good with Crying Nut, No Brain, Guckkasten, Beenzino and other badasses in attendance. Not to mention my precious friends Goonam!


I’m just gonna assume that you can read Hangul and post the lineup after the jump

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In which I sit through the Oscars for a single glimpse of Lee Byung Hun

The Oscars are terrible. I only ever watch with my sister because she is as sassy as I am. Maybe even a little meaner. Celebrities are people too kindof! If Reese Witherspoon has a team of people working around the clock to make her look good and it still doesn’t work out, what hope is there for me? None. No hope at all.

Anyway. It was worth watching for Lee Byung Hun. The #1 hunk of Korea (besides Lee Kwang Soo OF COURSE) and the #1 hunk of my heart. My boyfriend is very aware that if I were ever to meet Byung Hun, and if he decides to cheat on his wife (again. with me.) that IT’S ON. Not to mention, an extremely likely scenario.

Have y’all ever noticed that Byung Hun sounds like he learned English from Mr. Moviefone? Are y’all too young to know who that is? Is that even a Google-able reference?

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If you stick around you’ll learn that among all the random shit I am a huge nerd about, jewelry is a big one. I grew up in the industry and really appreciate high end materials and thoughtful design.

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My skin is awesome y’all

I don’t say this out of vanity. I mean, yes, I do. BUT THE IMPORTANT PART is that my skin is not naturally so smooth and soft. It’s real mission in life is to be blotchy and red and full of pimples. Basically since I was a pre-teen I don’t remember a single day when I didn’t have at least two pimples on my face. I never had really horrible huge breakouts (touch wood) but I also never had clear skin. I tried Proactiv, I did the Clarisonic thing, every drugstore brand and even some fancy Sephora stuff.

Finally I got introduced to Korean and Japanese skincare. It is a black hole of miraculous beauty and it has turned my face around. People actually compliment me on my complexion now. Like, what? Holy shit. Yeah. Thanks stranger.   Continue reading